Folklore, the album that Taylor Swift released by surprise, has sold 2 million copies in its first week and generated more than 500 million views online after reaching number one in at least 85 countries.

Swift’s eighth album, a much more intimate and alternative work than his previous ones, was announced just 15 hours before its release but has managed to combine critical acclaim with commercial success since, in the absence of Confirm official statistics, it would be the best-selling 2020 album.

Of the 2 million copies shipped, 1.3 did so within the first 24 hours of release, the Swift Republic Records label said in a statement.

On the same day, the author of « 1989 » broke the record for the best debut for a singer on the Spotify platform, with 80.6 million listeners in one day, and another 35.4 million on her competitor Apple Music.

With those numbers, Swift would be clearly positioned ahead of other major music releases this year such as « Chromatica » by Lady Gaga, which sold nearly 300,000 units in its first seven days, and by rapper Juice WRLD, whose posthumous album « Legends Never Die « I was in first position with 500,000 copies.

But in addition to commercial success, something that has accompanied Swift since turning her career towards the mass public with works like « Red », this surprising work has drawn praise from a criticism that had relegated the singer to a level more commercial and immediate.

Averaging Outstanding Critical Ratings, specialty publications such as Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and NME have awarded « Folklore » 5-star and 4.5-star ratings (out of five), and independent magazine Pitchfork took it to 8 out of 10.

According to the singer, the album is the result of three months of work « in isolation » during the coronavirus crisis, in which she herself wrote and recorded the 16 songs, with collaborators such as Aaron Dessner, Jack Antonoff, William Bowery and Bon Iver, with whom he sings « Exile ».