Taxi Chaos warms up for its more than next arrival on Nintendo Switch

What we like when we can choose an everyday element of reality and see it from a much more crazy perspective, such as imagining what we could do with a vehicle equipped with the most peculiar devices to exceed any speed limit or to literally skip any possible jam. That is what the independent developer GS2 Games offers us with Chaos Taxi, a arcade driving where we can do practically anything to ensure that our peculiar clients arrive on time to their respective destinations, which will be available in the eShop of the hybrid console from next 23 of February, and with the option of a 10% discount for those who purchase it in pre-purchase until the same day before the announced launch.


Taxi Chaos presentation trailer (Nintendo Switch)


Taxi Chaos is a casual arcade racing game in which you select one of a wide range of unlockable taxis, each of which has different attributes: the strong muscle car, the ultra-fast exotic supercar, the Japanese tuner that rides in the curves, an American classic from the ’60s and beyond: Taxi Chaos has them all.

Your goal is to try and earn great taxi fares, picking up customers and dropping them off at their destination locations as quickly as possible before time runs out. Be careful though – most customers are a bit crazy.

Explore a big city with many New York-inspired locations, find shortcuts, zip around corners like a pro, take impossible jumps, aggressively blast your way through traffic hours, and earn good money while doing it.

Race through the bustling city to deliver your crazy customers!
Explore a huge and colorful city (inspired by New York)
Jump and do stunts to discover shortcuts.
Collect strange passengers, from a hipster and a plumber to a rock star and an alien!
Drive in 7 extreme taxis, from the classic yellow taxi to the authentic muscle car.




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