Taxes paid by vehicles in Colombia

In passenger vehicles, SUV and pick-up, an 8 percent consumption tax is added, but this rises to 16 percent if the cost of the vehicle exceeds $ 30,000. Electric and hybrid vehicles pay VAT of 5 percent.

Vehicle tax: it is in charge of the municipalities and is calculated according to the commercial value of the vehicle, according to the appraisal made each year by the Ministry of Transportation.

For this year, Vehicles with an appraisal up to $ 48,029,000 pay 1.5 percent of that value; from $ 48,029,000 to $ 108,063,000 pay 2.5 percent and more than $ 108’163,000, 3.5 percent.

Complaints go up for new tax table

Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, 1.2 million vehicle owners registered in Bogotá paid the tax before the first due date. For this concept, the capital raised 637,672 million pesos at the end of July 3, 2020.

That figure corresponded to the 82 percent of the goal estimated by the District Administration for that year (780,000 million pesos) for the tax, paid annually by 2.2 million vehicles registered in Bogotá.

Regarding this tax burden, it must be remembered that 45 percent of the resources collected through the Soat are destined to the general health system and the remaining 55 percent is used to cover claims and the operation of the branch.

With the money of the vehicle owners, through the Soat they are raised around 2 billion pesos annually, which are transferred to the national health system; and some 87,000 million go to the National Road Safety Agency.

Finally, there are the taxes that importers and manufacturers pay for each vehicle they sell; tolls every 30 kilometers, registration fees, transfers and other traffic procedures in which the municipalities and official entities are left with a good cut, as well as the already hackneyed business of photomultas.

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