Taxes: IRS Warns How Getting Married Can Affect Your Tax Return

There are several changes that could occur to your tax filing if you get married.

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Summer is here, and as is usually the tradition at this time is when the largest number of weddings are held. If you are thinking of getting married soon, you should know that this could affect your taxes. Therefore, it is best that you know very well what is going to change once you say “Yes, I accept.”

Name and address changes

Once you are married, your name may change, and it is important to report the change to the Social Security Administration. (SSA). Remember that the name that appears on the tax return you make must match the one on file with the SSA.

Failure to do so could cause delays in refunds that the IRS may owe you.

You can update this information by submitting Form SS-5, which is an application for a Social Security Card. You can find it on the page or you can do the procedure by calling 800-772-1213, as well as at a local SSA office.

The same thing happens with the address, since many times, when you get married, you could have to change your address, and this is something that the IRS should know about. For this, you must submit a Form 8822 change of address.


Newlyweds must give their employees a Form W-4 within 10 days of marriage. If both spouses work, they can move to a higher tax bracket or be affected by the additional Medicare tax.

Civil status

When you get married you must decide whether you will file your federal taxes jointly or separately each year. It is best to initially calculate your taxes in both ways to find out which of the two suits you best.. Keep in mind that, regardless of the date of the year you get married, the law will consider that you were married all year to collect taxes from you.

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