Tavatanakit breaks new ground in the fight for ANA Inspiration

The ‘moving day’ of ANA Inspiration, the first female ‘major’ of the season, has served so that the Thai Patty tavatanakit position yourself even more in the face of fighting for the title this Sunday. If the Asian player was the leader after the second round with a stroke of advantage over her rivals, this Saturday she was left with a difference of five, a juicy income that she will try to translate into a title on the final day of the tournament.

With an overall -14, Tavatanakit clearly exceeds the -9 that add up Ally Ewing and Mirim Lee. Shanshan feng (-8) gave up five strokes with the leader in the third round, while Inbee Park and Charley Hull They close the top5 with -7. Who had no options to take off on Saturday was a Azahara Munoz that now occupies the thirty-third position of the classification with a -2.

The malagueña, the only Spaniard who the day before had managed to overcome the cut, signed three birdies and three bogeys on his return. Despite two bogeys in the first four holes, Azahara was gradually recovering the good feelings and signed three birdies in the par five of holes 9 and 11 and in par four of 12. However, when he already saw a round under par, there was a final bogey in par five of 18 that prevented it.

Muñoz will live from a distance the fight for a tournament in which Tavatanakit He gave a powerful boost to the lead after the third lap. A brilliant start, with three birdies in a row, launched a round of seven birdies and two bogeys that put the Thai in a great situation to try to get her first title, and in a big way, on the American circuit.

Those who put the most pressure on him after the end of the third round are Ally Ewing and Mirim Lee, both with -9. Ewing had a big round of six birdies without failure to move up to that second position, while Lee also had six birdies but missed two bogeys.

They will not be the only contenders to the tournament. Shanshan feng is fourth with -8 (a birdie and a bogey) and they share the fifth place with -7 Inbee Park (four birdies and two bogeys) and Charley hull (five birdies, one bogey and a fatal triple bogey for her on par four of hole 3). In the seventh position with -6 are important women such as Lydia Ko, Gaby López, Jin Young Ko or Moriya Jutanugarn.

1. Patty Tavatanakit (Thailand) 202 (66-69-67)

2. Ally Ewing (United States) 207 (71-70-66)

2. Mirim Lee (South Korea) 207 (69-70-68)

4. Shanshan Feng (China) 208 (67-69-72)

5. Inbee Park (South Korea) 209 (70-69-70)

5. Charley Hull (England) 209 (69-69-71)

7. Gaby López (Mexico) 210 (73-67-70)

7. Lydia Ko (New Zealand) 210 (70-69-71)

7. Jin Young Ko (South Korea) 210 (69-70-71)

7. Moriya Jutanugarn (Thailand) 210 (68-69-73)

33. Azahara Muñoz (Spain) 214 (70-72-72)