Tatsumaki already has a clone version in real life

Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

A few days ago we showed a perfect cosplay of Fubuki, Tatsumaki’s little sister. And let’s face it, we’ve all thought at first that Tatsumaki is the older sister. These sisters are known to be The Psychic Sisters, and not only does age differ, rank and class in One Punch Man are fundamental. The older sister belongs to class S, rank 2, and Fubuki belongs to class B, rank 1, surprisingly.

Tatsumaki made his first appearance in the first season of One Punch Man. Supported by the strongest heroes, she was able to shoot down the ship that landed on planet Earth in order to destroy it. However, her psychic powers were more than enough to shoot down the ship’s missiles, which is why they call her Tornado of Terror. Well, today get one of the most perfect cosplays we’ve seen so far:

Anyone know her ?! from r / OnePunchMan

@kqueentsun, also known as KawaiiQueen, is the cosplayer who has given life to Tatsumaki, one of the most powerful heroines of One Punch Man.

In each episode of One Punch Man we can enjoy epic combats, however, there is one that every fan would dream of seeing: the confrontation between Goku and Saitama.

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