For more and more people, and especially those moms who take care of the health of their children, nutrition is becoming a priority when it comes to making the supermarket. Unfortunately, some of the newer options on the market are unable to be nutritious without sacrificing flavor. But Nesquik is convinced that it is possible.

Since its founding, the brand has been committed to the integral development of children. Nesquik knows that moms want their children to develop their imagination and all their creativity, and for them it is essential to have healthy and nutritious options. But he is also aware that Mexico, as the number one country in childhood obesity, demands that brands go the extra mile. That is why it has launched a new product for all millennial mothers.

Nesquik Extra Cocoa Less Sugar: The perfect solution to modern needs

The commitment to creating a fun and nutritious supplement for health conscious moms of their children is the motivator behind Nesquik Extra Cocoa Less Sugar. As the name suggests, it not only has a lower amount of sugar, responding to the needs of young moms. It is also an alternative with more cocoa, which means that children will be able to have a healthy, nutritious experience that does not forget the flavor that characterizes the brand.

With this option aligned to market needs, Nesquik instantly transforms a glass of milk into a taste experience that is also more nutritious. Thus becoming the ideal complement for breakfast.

To position this new product among moms who are concerned about the health of their children, Nesquik will promote this launch to benefit moms with children between 6 and 12 years old. The strategy integrates endless techniques. From alliances with millennial influencers with children to sampling and ecommerce activations. The idea, in fact, is to join popular platforms such as TikTok, led by stars the size of Erika Buenfil, Margarita Magaña, Carolina Rincón, Gloria Sierra and Florencia Saracho.

Thus, this new member of the Nesquik portfolio aims to be a differentiated option that combines flavor and nutrition.