Taron Egerton (‘Rocketman’) portraying Henk Rogers, the Dutch-born businessman who, by the end of the Cold War, in the late 1980s, was embroiled in the legal battle for the intellectual property rights of the Tetris, the famous video game created by the Russian Alexey Pajitnov.

A most interesting story that has been collected in numerous documentaries, such as ‘Tetris, from Russia with love’ from the BBC or ‘The Tetris Story’ by Norman Caruso, both available below (via YouTube).

Produced by Matthew Vaughn and Leonard Blavatnik, the businessman, investor and philanthropist who is considered to be the fourth richest man in the United Kingdom, the film will start shooting this September under the direction of Jon S. Baird, responsible for ‘Filth, the dirty ‘or the recent’ El Gordo y el Flaco ‘.