Tarantino’s Next Project: Two Books on Film

Quentin Tarantino seems to have an imagination that does not stop and for that reason now he plans to enter fully into the literary world with two books that will be written by himself. The first of these will be the novelized version of his film Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, which promises two things: reaffirm an undervalued literary genre in his opinion and give a totally new twist to the story seen on the big screen.

Tarantino and HarperCollins Publishers reached an agreement that includes the publication of two future books. The first to come will be the novelization of his latest film, which will basically tell the same story we saw in the movies with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. The adventures of a Hollywood actor who is about to experience the decline of his career and his double, friend and faithful companion, through the California stages of the sixties.

“In the 1970s, movie novelizations were the first adult books I read growing up,” Tarantino said in a statement. “And to this day I have a great affection for the genre, so as a fan of movie novelizations, I am proud to announce ‘Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood’ as my contribution to this literary subgenre that is often marginalized and despite this loved. I’m also excited to explore my characters and their world more in a literary endeavor that can (hopefully) match its cinematic counterpart. “

Quentin Tarantino books Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

In addition to trying to emulate a literary genre, HarperCollins herself also promised that the novel will have some differences from the film, which will make the reading experience one with a “fresh, playful and shocking twist on the film.”

The literary version of Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood will presumably hit bookstore shelves next June of the following year.

Meanwhile, Tarantino’s second writing effort will be a non-fiction book called Cinema Speculation that will collect very personal writings, through reviews, essays, reflections and in-depth analysis by the renowned filmmaker, about the cinema of the 1970s. Certainly something that any fan of the director would like to read and have in his collection.

Quentin Tarantino books

For this book there is still no exact date, and it is likely that its writing may not even have started. Although the publishing house assured in its own statement that Tarantino’s plans for writing and his concern to carry out a book date from the work of his first film scripts, so it is likely that certain writings and essays carry in the drawer saved for some time.

«See with what skill [Tarantino] brings his characters to life on the page and how constantly amazes the reader, even one who knows the film by heart, is to see a master storyteller trying out a new form and making it his own, “said Noah Eaker Vice President and CEO of HarperCollins Publishers.

Quentin Tarantino may publish the following continuations of his films in book form, or he may now devote himself fully to writing about the noble art of cinema. What we have no doubt is that his works will be worth checking out.

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