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The filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has signed an agreement to publish two books with the HarperCollins publishing house, one of them an adaptation of his film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, which will be released in the summer of 2021 and which delves deeper into the characters and the plot of the celebrated film.

This novel by Tarantino, which thus pays tribute to the paperbacks that were formerly published in line with the movies that were released in theaters and that he devoured as a child, will hit the market first in paperback format, along with a version an e-book and an audio book, while a more luxurious hardcover will go on sale in the fall.

Tarantino’s second book with HarperCollins will be a copy of non-fiction literature titled “Cinema Speculation,” a “deep dive into the movies of the 70s, a rich mix of essays, reviews, and personal writings (…) by one of the most celebrated directors of cinema and their most devoted fan, ”the editorial pointed out in a statement.

Specifically, the novel “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” will trace the lives of the two main characters in the film, the television actor Rick Dalton and the double that he uses in his stunts, Cliff Booth, both before the start of the plot that tells the film as after.

It will also include some of the most famous scenes from the film, as well as characters like Burt Reynolds, who was not seen in the edited version of the film.

“Quentin Tarantino’s literary talents have been on the horizon since his first scripts, but the dexterity with which he brings his characters to life on paper and how he constantly amazes the reader, even those who know the film by heart, it’s seeing a master storyteller trying out a new format and making it unique, ”HarperCollins Vice President Noah Eaker said in a statement.

The news of a change of course in Tarantino’s career has not surprised his followers, since on more than one occasion he has mentioned his plans to park his role as a film director after directing his tenth film to become a writer.

In a conversation with film critic Peter Travers earlier this year, he confessed that he already feels old for the frenetic pace required to direct a film, which also affects his intention to spend more time with his family.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” a tribute to Hollywood’s “golden years,” has been one of Tarantino’s most celebrated films, garnering 10 Oscar nominations and enabling Brad Pitt to win his first Academy statuette.

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