It is unsportsmanlike, immoral, absolutely unfit for a competition as prestigious as the NBA and incomprehensible in a context as serious as today, but tanking can be a special guest in the final leg of NBA in the Orlando bubble. Thinking strategically about the future is something that pays a lot of money to General Managers League franchises and the projects they have in mind to carry out may depend on something as curious as losing games. This practice, so widespread years ago and recently pursued by Adam Silver and his team, could sneak into the Disney World complex and undermine the competition, as suggested by SportsYahoo.

Large television audiences are expected for weeks in which everyone will live pending the coming marathon of games and many fear and see lack of competitiveness in some teams. The most notable in this regard are Brooklyn nets and Washington Wizards. While it is true that they both have serious playoff options, especially the Nets, the absence of their stars and lack of aspirations and hopes of winning any tie, they could make them deliberately lost to complete their projects for next year, both winners, with some succulent piece of the draft.

The Nets will lose their first-round pick in the NBA Draft 2020 if they qualify for the Finals, while the Wizards could only qualify for the 15th pick in the draw if they don’t rank last among the remaining 22 teams. His presence was already much debated in the NBA because it seemed unnecessary to incorporate a whole squad lacking objectives and special ambitions to establish themselves as a winning team. As it happens, both could « fight » to be out of the playoffs, since one of the two teams will have to. Can you imagine a show as grotesque as that broadcast to the entire scene? Two teams trying to lose all their games in order to have better prospects for the future. The great beneficiary may be Orlando Magic, which cannot be ruled out for seventh place in a Eastern Conference in which there only seems to be six teams with a desire to win.