Among the deceased was a minor who came to help the rest of the men

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HONDURAS.- At least six people died this Saturday intoxicated with carbon monoxide coming from a pump, when cleaning a tank, informed the spokesman of the Fire Department, Óscar Triminio.

The accident in which the six people died, all men, whose ages ranged from 20 to 38 years, took place in the Suyapa village, at the eastern end of Tegucigalpa.

In addition to the six dead, two other men, aged 20, were affected by the gas and were taken to the Hospital Escuela, in the Honduran capital, Triminio said.

The informant pointed out that initially four fatalities were reported, including a minor, but that Forensic Medicine personnel verified that there were six, all adults.

According to the preliminary report of the Fire Department, the owner of the tank, who is among the deceased, requested the help of one of his neighboring relatives to clean it.

Apparently, the first fatality would have been the first man who was inside the tank, who would have requested help when he felt like he was running out of breath.

In this way, in an attempt to rescue him, the others joined, who suffered the same fate due to the effect of the gas, according to the account of one of the survivors, who also said that he could save a fourteen-year-old boy, trying to save his father.

The six people who died were identified as Juan Carlos López, Selvin Javier Duarte, Óscar Román López, Omar Santos, Edwin Rodríguez and Jonathan Francisco Reconco, while those taken to the Hospital Escuela are Cristian Aguilar and José Manuel Centeno.

Five other people were treated at the scene of the accident by elements of the Fire Department, but it was not necessary to take them to a hospital because they soon recovered, said the spokesman for the relief agency.

The tragedy adds to the pandemic of COVID-19 that suffers Honduras, which between March and so far in August has caused the death of 1,465 people and 46,365 infected, in the worst health crisis suffered by the Central American country.