Tania Rincón announces her pregnancy and expresses everything she thinks and feels about it | INSTAGRAM

The famous host of Televisa, Tania Rincón, is in charge of surprising us with the good news and announced it through the official Instagram account of Guerreros 2020, the program in which she is currently appearing.

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This Monday during the broadcast of the program she was mentioning the possibility that she or Mauricio Barcelata could be new parents, however, it was finally Tania who accepted that it is she who is about to be a mother, her second son in her marriage with Daniel Pérez.

In the video, Tania begins by saying: « During the program I was part of the game with my dear Mauricio, who was the Warrior or the Warrior who was going to expect a baby, since I am the lucky one, the truth is that I am very happy to to be able to share that I am pregnant, I know what it is, I will tell you about it tomorrow so that you don’t miss it « , making us an invitation to watch the next program.

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« I am more than happy to have this blessing, there is that light, soon we are going to come out of this pandemic or continue in this contingency and we think that there is pure bad news but for me and my family this news fills us with emotion, so happy You can share them around here, « added Tania in a voice full of energy.

He assured that what comes is going to be immensely happy because it is his son / daughter and he loves it, he loves it from the second he found out that he was pregnant. Her son Patricio is happy, but Tincón assures that he has not yet dropped by 20 because he is young, he is 3 years old, but he assured that he will be the best older brother.

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The producer of the program, Magda Rodíguez approached the presenter and touched her belly saying that they wanted to wait a little while longer, but when she saw her, she said that they should announce it before anyone suspected.

The producer assures that this is a blessing for the host and for the entire program and that she is even thinking about getting tattooed for having reached the rating goal they have.

At the end of the live, Magda showed her joy at having been able to make the announcement from her account and that nobody had started with the rumors before and that she even asked Rincón not to put herself in profile in the shots of the program. We leave you the complete images here.