Tamiya wild one to build and handle

The safest thing is that any car enthusiast not only knows the Tamiya brand but also, at least once, has built one of their cars. In the 80’s, the remote-controlled Wild One was one of the most recognized which now together with The Little Car Company have turned into a full-scale model that can also be driven.

In case you don’t remember, The Little Car Company is the company that made the Bugatti Baby II that we showed you a while ago, only that unlike that toy, the Tamiya Wild One can be ordered to assemble at home. And hopefully one with space in the garage then once assembled it measures 3.5 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and weighs 250 kg. According to Tamiya, it can be handled by people who are between 1.60 and 1.95 meters tall.

Tamiya wild one

Following the trends, the Tamiya Wild One will be electric with a motor that gives the equivalent of 5.5 horsepower and that would be enough for a top speed of 48 km / h and a range of up to 40 km. These figures could be improved thanks to the different option packages that will also be offered additionally.

Everyone will decide which of these packages they prefer, but without a doubt the Road Legal Pack sounds like a very interesting proposal: as its name implies. can be registered for use on the street with a quadricycle license plate thanks to the addition of brake lights, directional lights, mirrors, among others.

Tamiya Wild One 03

Tamiya wild one

Its base configuration includes the space chassis, coilover suspension, 15-inch off-road wheels, four-wheel disc brakes, regenerative braking system and digital instrumentation. With the Tarmac Pack, the Tamiya Wild One replaces its off-road wheels with street ones and adds mudguards.

All this, of course, has a corresponding price: although it has not been fully defined, the Tamiya Wild One is expected to start at around 6,000 pounds sterling in the UK, about 31 million pesos. It is also not known how many units will be manufactured but if the 500 they made of the Bugatti Baby II that we mentioned sold out quickly despite its price of 30,000 euros, surely those of the Wild One will have no problem selling quickly as well.

Tamiya Wild One 04

Tamiya wild one