TAME invites a competition for the sale of its aircraft, equipment and spare parts

Quito –

The public company Tame, now in liquidation, made the official call for the sale of its aeronautical assets. Through a notice in the media, the Tame company summoned individuals and legal entities, private or public, nationals or foreigners, legally capable of acquiring assets or participating in the international public tender for the sale of aeronautical assets.

The call, dated January 21, was made by Roberto Córdova Bernal, current liquidator of the airline.

Within the call, the company informed that the bases are already available at no cost, in addition, those interested may ask questions in writing to the email and it will be the Technical Sales Commission that will answer the concerns.

Additionally, according to the call, it is explained that if there are foreign bidders, and in case of being awarded and they do not have legal representation in Ecuador, they must appoint a proxy in Ecuador, with broad power to sign the contract and assume the obligations that are derived directly or indirectly from it.

In previous days, the Minister of Transportation, Gabriel Martínez, had reported that among the Tame assets that will go on sale are buildings, a hangar and seven aircraft: 3 ATR, 2 Kodiak and 2 Embraer. The assets will not go on sale as a single package, but will be open, that is, offers may be received for a part of the goods.

« A model is being determined to privilege the sale to whoever makes a more comprehensive offer to take the greatest amount of assets, » said Martínez.

These days, several professional associations asked the Government to stop the process of monetization of State assets, among which the concession of the Esmeraldas Refinery, Termogás Machala, sale of the Pacific and CNT antennas, among other processes.

Comptroller’s Office analyzes Termogás Machala concession

The State Comptroller General reported that it has begun to review information about the Termogás Machala concession process to the New Fortress company (advised by former Energy Minister Carlos Pérez García). In a communication on January 19, the Comptroller’s Office responded to Agustín Guillén, coordinator of the Citizen Observatory of Public Services; and Eulalia Freire, coordinator of the Citizen Front for the Tranvía 4 Ríos, who made the request for an investigation.

This group had mentioned that the Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources intends to award the concession of the thermoelectric plant to the New Fortresss company, which includes importing natural gas, without a tender. The collective’s request explains that the model proposed by the possible concession company includes maintaining a permanently anchored FRU unit (barge) with imported gas storage. (I)