Tame Impala to launch box set for ‘Innerspeaker’ 10th anniversary

It seems like yesterday when, back in the distant 2010, a young Australian named Kevin Parker released his debut album. Who would have thought that, after so many years, that boy and his project Tame Impala would be one of the most important musical acts in rock in recent years.

Parker and Tame Impala debuted in the music industry with Innerspeaker, studio album that in this 2020 celebrates a decade since its launch. The occasion, of course, means a special moment for the Perth composer, who just announced the launch of a box set to commemorate said label.

Photo: Modular Recordings

A complicated 2020 for Kevin Parker

Kevin parker, like most of the music industry, has had to deal in this year with the difficulties that the coronavirus pandemic brings. And it is that this 2020 – prior to the quarantine period – looked like a promising year for Tame Impala would not only release her fourth album The Slow Rush in February, they also came celebrations for the 10th anniversary of his debut with Innerspeaker.

On May 21, the Perth native musician He recalled on social networks when he released his first album under the name of Tame Impala. That day, Parker shared an image on Instagram that he referred to as un sketch of what would be the cover of his debut material.

Photo: Instagram Capture

“This version of the cover about to be chosen… I found it for the first time since 2010 and I am very excited to look at it because it reminds me of what happened a week before finishing the album, which seemed like an insurmountable task … Thanks to those who believed in me, you know who you are “Kevin wrote in that post.

There is no doubt that 10 years after that launch, the producer also feels quite nostalgic for what this record material means. And well, it seems that he will celebrate it big with a special launch to commemorate the occasion.

Kevin Parker performing with Tame Impala in 2010. Photo: .


Tame Impala’s new box set

tame Impala announced today on social networks the launch of a special edition box set for the 10th anniversary of Innerspeaker. And it is not a simple delivery: Kevin Parker will make available to his followers a set of four LP’s that will include the songs “Solitude Is Bliss”, “Lucidity” and “Expectation”, in addition to the other tracks that make up the work.

Red bone collectors are also in luck because this special material will also include uA collage with various sketches for the album cover, a jam session recording, recently made unreleased remixes of the original tracks and some instrumental recordings from that time. Other surprises that will be in the box set will be a 40-page brochure with different graphic pieces, images and letters that the own Kevin and his team got together during the recording of the album.

Photo: Tame Impala

Here we leave you the link so you can pre-order it, but run it because surely they are out of stock. According to the page, the launch and shipments of the box set will be made to from March 26, 2021, so anyway and you have a chance to save because they cost 100 Australian dollars (just over $ 1400.00 Mexican pesos).

Photo: Tame Impala