Tamaulipas obtains a historical budget of 56,187 million pesos for 2021

Despite the crisis due to the pandemic that the world is experiencing due to Covid-19, the economy in Tamaulipas will be one of the most benefited within the budget for 2021.

With various legislative efforts, the state’s Moreno deputies seek to promote development and serve all vulnerable sectors, for which they obtained a budget of 56 thousand 187 million pesos.

The foregoing meant an increase of 685 million pesos more to face next year the economic consequences that the health emergency caused by the new coronavirus has left to citizens.

According to the ‘Regional Economy 2Q20’ analysis, the northern region of the country is forecast to have an economic contraction of minus 13 percent for this year, while for 2021 a moderate recovery is projected at a rate of 5.2 percentage points.

Tamaulipas economy guaranteedTamaulipas economy is guaranteed Cuartoscuro

Tamaulipas is one of the states that maintains good growth in federalized public spending; although inflation and the effects of the pandemic could affect its growth by minus 2.1 percentage points.

The growth in spending for 2021 was achieved despite the fact that local PAN legislators led by Joaquín Hernández Correa and Mon Maron sought to instill in Tamaulipas the idea that a lower budget than 2020 was granted and in which growth in the state economy for next year.

The president of the Budget and Public Account commission, Erasmo González Robledo, along with legislators Olga Patricia Sosa, Adriana Lozano, Olga Elizondo, Armando Zertuche and Héctor Joel Villegas indicated that the government headed by Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, entered five projects with a value of more than 5 billion pesos after the date established by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, so they were not registered for the current budget.

González Robledo indicated that investment in the state can be increased due to federal funds that are not yet designated geographically and insisted that it seeks to promote development and serve vulnerable sectors through different welfare programs.