Tamaulipas coronavirus. Inhabitants of ejido help the sick

Pablo Reyes

Altamira / 15.01.2021 17:47:59

Inhabitants of the Esteros ejido in Altamira hold lottery and raffles in support of their covid patients, in order to protect each other and together overcome the pandemic of this virus.

Zenón Sobrevilla Hernández, former delegate of this ejido, said that this is an area of ​​scarce resources and that the patients are mainly older adults who need oxygen and that is why they organized not to leave them alone.

« Thank God it is calm, nobody has died, we are taking care of each other, we do activities such as raffles, kermes, meals are prepared to sell, the people are very human in the town, the money that is collected is used in support of our sick, to buy oxygen, medicine or pantries « .

He pointed out that fortunately in the more than 10 months since the pandemic there have only been 12 cases of coronavirus, therefore, to date they have provided support to the residents.

With the money that all the inhabitants collect, oxygen tanks are bought or filled at a cost of five thousand to six thousand pesos, but private doctors are also paid to come to see the progress in the health of the sick, obviously complying with sanitary protection suits.

According to the representative of the Esteros ejido, he asserted that everyone knows that they should use the mask on public roads and before entering the store or anywhere apply the antibacterial gel to avoid more infections.

When a confirmed case is known, the neighbors gather a pantry and leave it outside the home on a table, so that the patient can go out to drink it without putting anyone else at risk, a strategy that so far has been very good for them.

In another vein, he declared that the Esteros ejido lacks streets and accesses in good condition, a situation that makes them incommunicado in times of rain, so they ask the authorities to pay attention to this issue.

Now that the elections are coming, they hope that the new representatives of the population, whether mayors or deputies, have the approach to know the deficiencies and at the same time find how to solve them.

« We hope that we will rehabilitate the streets that are deteriorated, there are already several promises of past years and we continue to be detained with that situation, the neighbors want that now that there will be a new administration and new legislators who listen to us and comply. »