Tamaulipas Congress endorses reform to shield García Cabeza de Vaca

With the PAN majority in the Tamaulipas Local Congress, modifications to the State Constitution were approved this Wednesday in order to shield the governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, as of October 1, the date on which the local legislature.

With 29 votes in favor, six against and one abstention, the initiative with the draft decree adds a third paragraph to article 84 of the Political Constitution of the State and a third paragraph to article 44 of the Law of Responsibilities of Public Servants of the State .

Both articles talk about the decisions that the Local Congress will take regarding an outrage, whether for a governor, local deputy or magistrates of the Superior Courts of Justice.

The points indicate that despite what the Congress of the Union says, the determination made by the Tamaulipas legislature will be unassailable.

Another project that they approved is that of article 165 of the Political Constitution of Tamaulipas in which they state that a voice and vote will be given to the 43 municipalities of the state in case of reforming the local political constitution.

“Once the reform or addition initiative is approved, it will be sent to the City Councils, with a copy of the minutes of the debates, which within 30 calendar days must notify whether they approve it or not. Once this term has elapsed, Congress will carry out the corresponding computation and, if a majority of votes are obtained from the municipalities in favor of the addition or reform, it will be declared part of the Constitution. Those councils that do not send their vote within the established term will be deemed to approve the reform and addition ”.

With this point, the new Congress, which will mostly be from Morena and which will begin this October, will have padlocks to want to seek the governor’s violation again, since it will be forced to consult with the municipalities that are mostly governed by the PAN .

The approvals for this reform were provided by the fractions of the same PAN, PRI, MC and some from Morena such as Ulises Martínez Trejo, Guillermina Medina Reyes, Rigoberto Ramos Orlones and Leticia Sánchez Guillermo.

While his colleagues Enda Rivera and Eliud Almaguer demonstrated in violation.

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