Tamara Cruz: “Boxing is not a question of gender, it is about desire and enthusiasm”

Tamara Cruz will become the first Mexican boxer to participate in the Olympic Games on July 24. Although the first classified in history by Mexico in boxing for a continental fair is Esmeralda Falcón, she will not be the one who steps into the ring first, since she competes days later.

Born in Mazatlán, her father instilled in her the sport of fists, “Since I was little I liked boxing a lot, my dad always taught me to defend myself, He was an amateur boxer and he always taught me what he knew ”.

Tamara dreamed since she stepped on the ring that she wanted to be in the Olympic Games, “I didn’t even know that there were Central American or Pan American Games, or anything, I just wanted to get to the Olympics. “

On female empowerment in boxing and in life in general, this told us, “Women have shown to have a lot of guts in the ring, well, not only in the ring but Mexico has very good female boxing exponents. I think they should accept a little more and realize that we train the same as men or better, we give our best effort. We have things that men do not pass, we spend our period ”.

The Mazatlan went through a complicated process to get the ticket to Tokyo 2020, the pandemic canceled the pre-Olympic of the specialty, “I went through many stages of being discouraged, unmotivated, and when they tell us, you go to the CNAR with the national team and start again to go to a pre-Olympic was one of the best news. When they tell us, it is canceled again but now it was definitely hard for everyone, we did not know how the classification was going to be. The moment they give Esmeralda the pass, I was happy for her but, and if nothing else they give that and they do not give more for us, then I spoke with the President of the Federation and he told me that I was also classified, I got very happy.”

The mental aspect in an athlete is fundamental, and Tamara is very clear about it, “It has been quite difficult to grasp a bit of maturity, to trust me, to talk about it. I have had the opportunity to talk with my psychologist who is in Mazatlán, he has helped me a lot to have more security in myself. “

Cruz is one of the many athletes who are already vaccinated, “The first dose I only felt like fatigue, the second it hurt everything, it hurt my neck, my arm, my head, my body, everything hurt, a laziness, just I wanted to lie down ”.

The national boxer has learned a lot from 2 boxing professionals, “Since I was little I liked to see Jackie NavaAlways, because of her style, because of the way she boxed so differently from the others, I think she was a very smart boxer. Also to Juan Manuel Márquez, because he makes me a very disciplined boxer, a very dedicated and dedicated person and he is always admired a lot.

Before traveling to the Olympic Games, the boxing team will have to spend the first days of July at CNAR to make a kind of 14-day bubble to go to Tokyo.

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