Talina Fernández gets a tattoo at 76 years old, she was criticized!

Talina Fernández gets a tattoo at 76 years old, she was criticized! | Mexico Agency

A great surprise for the fans of Talina Fernández who unfortunately ended up being criticized by several Internet users upon learning that at 76 years of age she got her first tattoo.

The controversy that caused the television host Recently it became a trend quickly, because for some the fact that he had a tattoo at his age is not well seen, of course for other Internet users it was something outstanding.

It was through one of the sections of the morning show Sun rises called Smart Forum Well 360 with Ceci de los Ríos where we enjoyed seeing “The Lady of Good Saying“As the well-known television celebrity is also called, apparently the idea of ​​her tattoo as mentioned in a video was by the producer of the same, although surely she offered to do it herself.

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The interesting thing is that it was not only one tattoo if not two that ended up being done in the program, it is more than obvious to mention that at the time both were something small but surely quite significant.

The first one was a happy face, because Talina fernandez He mentioned that everyone should be happy and also be empathetic with others, so a happy face was perfect for the occasion, as part of the hosts of the program he decided at that time to tattoo a sun as part of “Sale el Sol” .

It was through a video on the Entertainment Image channel where this video was shared that lasts 9:47 minutes where we see the process that the host had to go through, this is entitled “Talina Fernández is tattooed live by first time | Sell the Sun “, we’ll share it with you right away.

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Some of her colleagues, excited by her action, began to celebrate it and approached the place where they were tattooing her to be part of this small detail towards the program, although at first she was very nervous, she mentioned that Winston Churchill’s mother had tattooed an anchor Back in the year 1800 and if the mother of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom could do it, she could too.

While they were making the stroke of the first tattoo, the driver mentioned that it was important to be happy, because life was running and that it is also only one, although it is usually somewhat trite, they were really very wise words.

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Apparently it was something to be expected, there were certain comments divided among Internet users, on the one hand there were some who began to criticize the host for the simple fact of stating that tattoos are somewhat vulgar and she has always been the most elegant, others more They mentioned that their admiration for Fernández had faded.

In most of the negative comments that were found in the publication of the video, He was referring to the fact that an elderly person should not do this kind of thing because it is not something that apparently looks good, what do you think?

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However, there were certain comments from other Internet users who applauded the fact that precisely at his age he has been encouraged to do it, as something of not staying with the desire and for many it is more than valid because on many occasions thousands and even millions of people are left with the desire to do something and do not do it by means of what they will say.

Surely the driver will have chosen to receive only the positive things of the controversy that he managed to unleash, there would be no point in concentrating on something that does not bring him anything positive.

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