The market has not given a truce and after confirming with a statement to the CNMV the price of the takeover bid on Masmóvil, the operator’s shares, which have been the first minutes without being able to cross changes due to excess demand, finally they have opened at 23.26 euros.

Definitely a great gift for all those investors who came from last week and they had placed their sell order at 22.5 euros to ensure the sale of their shares at opening prices.

Share price after opening it has only gone up to 23.30 euros and from that price it has been declining downwards although it has still allowed to squeeze for about 20 minutes quotes above 23 euros, a juicy extra gift above the price of the takeover bid to other investors who continued to generate buying pressure I want to think about planning a scenario of war of takeover bids or its failure since it has to add 50 percent acceptance.

What can we do?

The answer is very simple: forget. The train has already left and either you were sitting comfortably in the chair or you lost it.

Purchases only obey those two scenarios described above. One against OPA in Masmóvil. By who? Or a failure to accept this takeover bid at 22.50 euros, as happened at the time with Endesa’s shares years ago. Further, they want to get your money trapped in an operation that will take more than a month at bestAnd if not, tell investors at BME.

Masmóvil shareholders have very clear options: either sell or maintain.

The first one in my opinion is the correct one. They have found an award in extra speed when it comes to taking advantage of their investment. The business was already done when the action opened this morning.

The other option they have to keep. More of the same. They want to have your money parked for weeks and weeks in a national market about to break its two-month-long laterality, not to mention the strength of other markets, especially the United States.

But the stock market is like this, movements due to expectations where one of the parties is making mistakes, specifically almost three million shares in the first hour of hiring.