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Having an Internet connection anywhere is important for day-to-day life. It allows you to be in contact with your friends and family, obtain information and even work at any time and wherever you are. Therefore, the use of portable Wi-Fi will help you to be connected in an itinerary way, that is, it will facilitate the connection from many parts without the need to contract a broadband plan.

Many functionalities of our smart devices only work if we have Wi-Fi, something very simple if we have a public network at hand (be careful with security) or a portable router that allows us to enjoy speeds that have nothing to envy to many fixed access connections to Internet. In some cases they are even better.

The portable wifi router works as if it were a mobile device and through a SIM card, and it has many advantages.

Advantages of the portable wifi router

Two key features of these routers, especially when compared to using our mobile phone connection, are:

– Multiple devices can be connected at the same time.

– It has a greater stability in the connection

The options offered by a portable Wi-Fi router bring several interesting advantages such as these:

– Connection anywhere. Thanks to a portable device, navigation from anywhere is possible. It doesn’t matter if you are on a bus, on the beach, at home or in a park. The only thing necessary is to have mobile coverage.

– Without eleectricity. Portable devices have a battery with several hours of autonomy (depends on the model). So you just have to worry about the freight.

– Coverage in unexpected places. In the mountains, in the field, in spaces without fiber optics, etc.

– Easy to install and use. As we said, the SIM card is more than enough to be able to use the router, which must be configured with a few simple steps.

– Due to the characteristics it has, the ease of transport, the functionality and the help it offers us, the portable router is worth every euro that is paid for it, even if it is a little more expensive.

– In general, it provides quite good stability thanks to the wide coverage it has, even when we are on the move.

– A portable router will allow you to connect up to 10 devices at the same time without problems.

– Safety first. This topic is one of the main ones when talking about a portable Wi-Fi, since unlike what many think, it offers passwords and access control.

– The size is important in this type of device, since they are designed to be transported. An Amazon portable wifi router, for example, usually weighs little and takes up a small space to be able to take it anywhere.

– When you travel abroad, taking a free portable Wi-Fi or without geographical restrictions is a good idea to use Wi-Fi wherever you go.

Options to buy a portable wifi router on Amazon

Having a portable wifi router from Amazon is synonymous with reliability. Here we leave you several options:


NETGEAR Nighthawk is he best portable router of 2021 4G Sim MR1100 that offers you total reliability with a download speed of up to 1 Gbps with which you can connect up to 20 devices with any SIM. It has a very intuitive full color screen.

You can connect at any time and it works with any network. You may create your own secure wireless network and share it with whoever you want. With its USB port you can share streaming multimedia content and data storage space between connected devices.

His battery is long lasting (5040 mAh) so you can use it all day and charge other USB devices.

BUY (€ 279.99)


Cudy AC1200 Mbps Dual Band it is the best 4G router in 2021 LTE with 4 ports that allows reaching speeds of up to 150 Mbps. The LT500 provides a better user experience by having two Wi-Fi bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

It has high-gain antennas to provide you with better performance and establish a Wi-Fi connection at a greater distance. It is an easy-to-use and install router, just insert the SIM and write the PIN for the wireless connection.

His interface is easy to use, monitor and manage the network, making it the perfect choice when buy portable wifi router on Amazon.BUY (€ 85.90)


Tenda 4G09 it’s a 4G router with SIM slot that allows you to connect up to 64 devices and reaches speeds of up to 300 Mb for a better Internet presence.

It has the 4G + CAT6 technology for better speeds, plus high-gain wireless signal in 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Provides an ultra-fast experience to connected devices.

The best portable router of 2021 perfect for remote areas such as rural and suburban areas, vacation homes, temporary stores, and whatever you want to use it for. You only need a SIM card to access the Internet wherever you are.

BUY (€ 79.99)

NETGEAR AC797 – 4G SIM Router

This router offers you up to 400 Mbps of download speed and has a 2930 mAh battery, which will allow an independence of about 11 hours depending on the use we give it. In addition, it is free to connect to any network around the world with the SIM card. As for its screen, it has a 1.8 “LCD touch screen with good data usage control on it.

BUY (€ 179.99)

Huawei E5577

It is a device with a perfect dimension to be transported without problem, and it has a lithium battery with a lot of independence and capacity to support 4G and 3G bands. It has a screen, capacity for a single SIM card and only 127 grams of weight. An ideal router for those trips where carrying little weight is a must.

BUY (€ 73.99)

TP-Link TL-WR802N

Wireless router with a 300Mbps transfer rate that is optimal for internet calls, streaming video, and online gaming. It is pocket-sized, making it suitable for use at home and of course for traveling. It supports, among others, the following modes: Router, repeater, client and access point. It works powered by a micro USB port, by an external power adapter or by connecting it by USB to the computer.

BUY (€ 21.63)


Router that supports up to 10 devices simultaneously. It has a very powerful battery that allows up to 10 hours of operation. It integrates selectable dual band Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. It is a model compatible with the generation of 4G LTE wireless networks, so it allows to achieve a speed of up to 150Mbps download speed and up to 50Mbps upload speed in any 4G network of the operators.

BUY (€ 68.90)

GL.iNet GL-AR300M

This is a mini router for travel. It stands out for being very powerful and flexible in terms of configuration. You can install a quite interesting number of applications, which allows you to set up services such as a VPN server or client, a small NAS (connecting a disk through the USB port), a download service, etc. It is powered by USB and because it is really small, it is an ideal companion for travel.

BUY (€ 31.90)

Huawei E5576

It has a slim and light design, a Wi-Fi solution for commuting that fits in a pocket. Supports LTE Cat.4, provides 150Mbps high speed wifi. Easily connect 10 users via Wi-Fi and 1 via USB. The low consumption of the equipment will allow it to work for 6 hours or 600 hours at rest. HiLlink app is convenient for setting up a wifi. The owner will be able to limit and give permissions to the users that he wishes.

BUY (€ 48.00)

A portable wifi router It will help you greatly in the connection wherever you are. There are different types on the market, but the best portable wifi It is the one that best adapts to your mobility needs. Check out the options on Amazon and choose the best one.

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