Take it off! Noelia lowers her transparent leggings

Take it off!  Noelia lowers her transparent leggings (Instagram)

Take it off! Noelia lowers her transparent leggings | Instagram

The singer And a businesswoman of Puerto Rican origin shared a video in which she appears wearing her figure, Noelia conquers her fans again while carefully removing her transparent leggings, with the aim of inviting her followers to subscribe to her page of OnlyFans.

Only 14 hours have passed since he decided to publish the video with which his fans quickly began to give him affection through their red hearts, this because the model and celebrity of social networks decided to block the comment box, unfortunately no netizen should be able to write compliments as they usually do.

In the description he decided to write an attentive and above all daring invitation in which he told his fans to be part of the subscribers in his OnlyFans, for a few months that constantly Noelia She has been sharing content so that her followers, the “Candela” interpreter usually publishes extremely daring content, she loves being a flirtatious woman and showing off her curves.

In the recent video she shared, she appears looking at herself in front of the mirror, it seems that she is in her room about to change to be a little more comfortable, without a doubt Noelia did it slowly to get the attention of her fans.

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Noelia appears wearing delicate white leggings that are flirtatiously transparent Which apparently has a bit of lace as a pattern, Noelia is wearing a black bra and apparently a black thread as well, which can be clearly seen with said outfit.


Wearing quite high-top sneakers, the beautiful singer and also a businesswoman makes her charms show off even more, the video so far has more than one hundred thousand reproductions, despite the fact that it does not have background sound, music that usually includes in its content, the just listening to how this garment slides down her skin surely made the hearts of her fans accelerate.

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This is not the first time that Noelia delights her fans with this type of content that is surely from her own clothing line, a day ago she also shared a video in which she exercised, while she was doing push-ups from the floor, although not from the Conventional way she still looked fantastic because of the angle her beautiful charms were in front of the camera.