Cumin is a natural species from the Mediaterranean but has already spread to the whole world. Among other things, it is a powerful liver detoxifier and helps to lose weight.

June 23, 20209: 47 AM

He cumin It is generally used as an aromatic species to prepare delicious dishes such as meat or stews, but this original seed from the Mediaterranean has some other miraculous properties.

Among other benefits for our health, the cumin It helps to detoxify the body if you consume cumin water every morning, this because this plant helps digestion to accelerate and the liver to release bile. Bile helps fats to be better digested in the body.

For this reason, cumin is also associated with weight loss, but yes, do not expect miracles without a balanced diet and a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity and you can lose up to a kilo and a half in a week.

To prepare the cumin water you will need to:

5 cups water 2 tablespoons cumin seeds (previously soaked from the night before)

Prepare your cumin water It is very simple, just bring the water to a boil and then add your cumin seeds. Turn off and leave in a saucepan with a lid until it cools naturally.

Have a cup of cumin water every morning before breakfast.