Take advantage of Trust Week at PcComponentes. Big discounts on Trust accessories! | Gaming

Only until May 19, Trust and PcComponentes join forces to offer us “Trust Week”, a whole week of huge discounts on a wide selection of Trust accessories. We tell you what the best offers are!

Are you thinking of changing your gaming desktop? Do you need some good headphones? A keyboard perhaps? Well, very attentive to the “Trust Week“, the period of offers that Trust, a reference brand in digital accessories, and PcComponents have prepared for you.

With great offers that reach up to 50% discount, in “Trust Week” we can find a large number of products at a reduced price. There is everything and for everyone, so the really difficult thing is going to be that we choose just one.

To make the choice (or choices) a little easier for you, we highlight the best accessories from Trust discounted on “Trust Week”. Oh, and hurry, the promotion only lasts until May 19!

GXT 433 Pylo Headphones

The GXT 433 Pylo gaming headset They are circumaural, equipped with powerful speaker units and can be connected to a PC, console, smartphone or tablet for excellent sound and comfort at all times.

Their large soft ear cushions they are made of a chest of drawers shrink foam to ensure that the headphones fit snugly on your head. In addition, its headband is adjustable, and the attractive polished metal details and the classic camo print add a great finish.

Regarding the sound, the GXT 433 Pylo have powerful 50 mm drivers that guarantee deep bass and clean highs. And all this without forgetting his foldable microphone, essential for our online games.

Price: € 32.99 (27% discount) in Trust

GXT 707 rest chair

Being comfortable during games is key for any gamer worth its salt. And the Resto GXT chair has two removable and adjustable cushions that provide a optimal comfort. For its part, the lumbar cushion provides additional support and rest to the back, while the neck cushion incorporates a headrest and reduces stress.

Its backrest is adjustable up to 90 °, allowing us to lay it flat to rest a bit after a landslide victory. In addition, the seat can be tilted for comfort and the height of the armrests is also adjustable, helping to avoid strain on the neck area.

And all this, of course, with a fantastic design and the best materials, which make the GXT 707 a one of the best gaming chairs in terms of quality and price.

RRP: € 169.99 (26% discount) in Trust

Magnicus GXT 1190 Desk

And if having a good chair is important, we can say the same about the desk. Without a doubt, one of the most essential accessories for any gamer.

Whether you’re a streamer, video editor, or hardcore gamer, the GXT 1190 Magnicus provides the maximum possible space, since it is an oversized gaming desk which can hold up to three monitors.

Among many other virtues, this desk has a qi wireless charger built-in to charge our devices, a cable management system and, in addition, it integrates a mouse pad that covers the entire surface of the desktop.

PVP: € 279.99 (14% discount)

Keyboard GXT 833 Khado TKL

A proper setup cannot be complete if we do not have the best possible keyboard. And if you are looking for one that has a reduced size, pay close attention to this little gem.

The GXT 833 Thado TKL keyboard It is 20% smaller than keyboards with a numeric keypad, making it an ideal accessory to always carry with you.

His metal back plate makes endurance one of the strengths of GXT 833 Khado TKL, while resistance LED lighting adds a really attractive and customizable touch.

Price: € 19.99 (20% discount) in Trust

Ymo Keyboard and Mouse Set

If between departure and departure we have no choice but telework, the Ymo Set It is the perfect pack to make our work days much more bearable.

It is a perfect combination of keyboard and mouse with keys that are up to 50% quieter than conventional keyboards.

Both devices are wireless and they are connected through a single USB micro-receiver, which allows us to connect them easily and quickly.

In addition, at the end of the work this receiver can be easily stored in the mouse itself so that it does not get lost. Oh, and you can have breakfast in peace, since both the keyboard and the mouse are spill resistant.

Price: € 17.99 (28% discount) in Trust

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