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The new labeling is the result of a reform to the General Health Law that came into force last October, imposing new rules on product packaging.

As a result of this measure, the products began to show labels that have established a radical change to the traditional offer of products.

To this extent, we have been able to witness a series of actions that today warn us of how important consumption has become.

Faced with this scenario, we realized that the impact of the new labeling would be seen in the design of the products and in lifestyles where the consumer will make new purchasing decisions.

When there is a threat of garnishment for non-payment, an owner can be stripped of his property or property if the debt is not paid.

In a seizure, the authority with the right to deprive a person’s belongings with economic value intercedes and thus extinguish the debt obligation.

Before the law there are different types of embargoes, however, these would be the general consequences of falling into any of them.

First, the French accused the popular series “Emily in Paris” to put the average American’s perspective on Paris and his life, because according to critics from France, it is a compendium of clichés, including mimes, baguettes, glamorous coffee shops and a postcard in which the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe they cannot be absent. Since RTL they are devastating: “rarely have we seen so many clichés about the French capital since the Parisian episodes of Gossip Girl or the end of The Devil Wears Prada.”

Now, the same thing happens with a detail in “Lady’s gambit”, the series that has become the most successful in all of Netflix history, with 62 million households choosing to watch the popular content during the first 28 days of release, making it the largest scripted limited series in the world. platform to date.

Lady Tacos and Kimberly the Most Precious They are two influencers of the LGBT community who have exhibited through videos an inclusion problem that TV Azteca lives in facilities and productions such as Master Chef.

The first incident occurred when the production of this reality show sent an invitation to Lady Tacos de Canasta and addressed this personality in masculine terms, who gained fame on social networks for promoting their food with a serious voice and Oaxacan clothing, which has led him to be in Netflix productions and in content that brands have promoted on social networks.

Now the brand owned by Femsa announced the launch of Oxxo Live, a streaming platform where all kinds of virtual events will be offered.

In a statement to Milenio, Oxxo assured that “this year we launched OXXO Live, a new entertainment platform via streaming where we offer the possibility of enjoying events such as: concerts, festivals, stand up, gaming, among many others, all at a single click and in one place ”.

Oxxo’s move is not only significant for your business in the quest to explore new opportunities.

It is actually a successful move that could be the future of retail focused on user experience.

Variety was the first to report on Coca-Cola’s decision, confirming that the beverage giant joins rival PepsiCo’s decision. Inc., eliminating traditional ads.

Little Caesars also confirmed that it “is going to stay out,” CMO Jeff Klein told the Ad Age podcast “Marketer’s Brief.” Last year, Little Caesars made its Super Bowl debut, highlighting its delivery partnership with DoorDash in an ad featuring “The Office” actor Rainn Wilson.

The Super Bowl is traditionally the biggest television ad showcase of the year, with 30-second spots costing millions of dollars, but the NFL has struggled with declining viewership during its broadcasts throughout the season, despite efforts to attract new audiences.

Although the way in which we will consume is clear, the reality is that what is really interesting is to recognize those proposals that will have special demand.

And it is that although it could be thought that there is clarity in this regard, the truth is that the trends derived from the pandemic will give special preference to certain products and services capable of fulfilling certain characteristics that go beyond fulfilling basic functions.

After an in-depth analysis, Euromonitor has released 10 trends that will define consumer behavior and influence business strategies this year.

For sports teams and their sponsors, the sale of merchandise has been translated into a way to compensate for lost tickets.

In this way, the presentation of a new jersey will be an important business point where every aspect must be taken care of so as not to lose the opportunity to re-generate a bond with your hobby in complex moments, but with a touch of innovation.

This was perhaps the approach taken during the presentation of the new Nike uniform for Club América, even today it went on sale from the official online store of the Mexican football team and was presented with a series of photographs published from social networks.

Although up to this point everything could seem normal, the truth is that this movement could give a winning point to Nike’s main competitor: Adidas.

This was due to an error that, although it might not seem significant, did not go unnoticed by social network users.

The incident took place at a Starbucks located in Dublin, where the brand will have to pay a customer of Thai origin a compensation of 12 thousand euros (about 286 thousand 329.25 pesos at the current exchange rate), after an employee drew a face with “slanted eyes” on the glass given to the woman in an attempt to personalize her order.

The matter transcended in a lawsuit where the Irish Labor Relations Court decided today that the client identified as Suchavadee Foley suffered “a racial assault” considering that the Starbucks collaborator “made a clear reference” to her ethnic origin, to mark the glass with the aforementioned drawing, instead of writing the name, as is usual in these establishments.

Fedex has been the victim of insecurity in Mexico City, as demonstrated by the report of a huge theft at one of its facilities.

Fedex is, like other logistics companies, a key arm in the operation of various ventures through electronic commerce, which have found their best ally in these companies.

The events apparently occurred, based on information from Carlos Jiménez, during this weekend when a command of at least 20 people deactivated the security cameras of the C5 of the capital of the country, to rob the warehouse of this logistics company.