#TacoMoon: Taco Bell celebrates the moon phase and gives you a Crunchy Taco this May 4

Taco Bell celebrates the moon phase with free tacos.

Photo: Araya Diaz / Getty Images

Taco bell celebrates the Moon with its first event called Taco Moon where the company will give you a Crunchy Taco from 8:00 pm to 11:59 pm this Tuesday.

You will not have to buy anything to receive your free cue. You can order it online through the restaurant’s application or go to one of the participating branches.

“Taco Bell plans to give the most tacos I’ve ever made in a single day on May 4, when the moon phase saga finally shows its perfect crescent shape, ”the company said in a statement.

“We know the May 4 moon will take us to new heights by introducing ourselves to new future fans in a delicious way,” said Julie Felss Masino, President of Taco Bell International.

The “Taco Moon” event will take place on the same date as Star Wars Day, but it will not actually coincide with the last quarter of the Moon.

The last quarter phase, when the face of the Moon facing Earth is half illuminated, occurred on Monday night. This Tuesday the moon will set in the afternoon, before the Taco Bell promotion begins.

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The Moon, which is currently in a waning phase, will look taco again in two weeks, on May 19, when it reaches the phase of the first quarter. Earth’s natural satellite takes this taco shape twice a month.

The Taco Moon promotion will be held in addition to the United States in 20 international markets such as the United Kingdom, Australia, India and Costa Rica.

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