Table tennis | Olympic Games: Greek journalist fired for racist comment towards Asian table tennis player

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games they continue to leave controversial moments. And not only in Japan, place where they are disputed. If not, they also appear in other parts of the globe. The last one is Greece, as one of the journalists of his public television has been fired after a racist comment during a competition.

The former journalist of the ERT (Ellinik Radiofona Tilerasi, public radio television helena), Demstenes Karmoiris, attacked an Asian player. “How an Asian table tennis player is able to follow the ball with his slanted eyes,” he said. An offensive comment that had context in the match that the Greek player Panagoitis Giotis I lost to the South Korean Jeoung Young-Sik.

It is surprising to see the reaction of his setmate who also laughs at the comment towards the Asian player, one of the favorites to carry out a good Olympic tournament, as he has been installed among the players. 10 best players in the world. After the comment, the journalist also added that Asian players are very good at table tennis.

Shortly afterwards it was known that the ERT has decided to fire Karmoiris for the racist comment. In a statement they indicated that they stopped collaborating immediately, since racist comments do not fit on public television.

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