The Secretary of Economy stressed that the T-MEC will be one of the most important levers for the country’s economic recovery

This Sunday the Ministry of Economy He announced the progress regarding the granting of Credits to the Word.

The Word Credits are part of the support measures implemented by the Federal Government for the COVID-19 health emergency.

The number of supports in this type of credits is one million, each for an amount of 25 thousand pesos and payable over three years with minimal interest. This scheme includes support for domestic workers and freelancers.

Importance of the T-MEC

The Secretary of the Economy, Graciela Márquez Colín, recalled that on July 1 the T-MEC.

In this regard, the owner of Economy explained that trade between the North American region consists of 490 million people.

In addition, trade in North America adds $ 1.16 trillion and $ 23 trillion of GDP.


He reported that, Until July 1st, will explain what the chapters of the T-MEC are and what they mean for the Mexican economy.


This review, he indicated, is intended to publicize these chapters in a simple way and with simple language so that the population understands its content as well as showing the possibilities that companies have to preserve the competitiveness of the northern region.

The Secretary of Economy highlighted that the T-MEC It will be one of the most important levers for the country’s economic recovery.

Solidarity market

Luis Godoy Rueda, coordinator of Solidarity market, unveiled the second phase of said platform.

In it, you can even give a rating to the businesses.

He explained that this platform It emerged during the pandemic as a way to support small and medium-sized businesses to obtain resources.

The platform has a solidarity purchasing system that is divided into three: the home purchase, advance purchase and local purchase.

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