Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet It is the first of three visual novels that Ratalaika Games announced will hit consoles this year. Yes, used to bringing titles of independent cut to Nintendo Switch and other platforms, Ratalaika debuts in a genre that, as far as I can remember, had not touched before, visual novels.

This adventure is created by NomnomNami, a study by Nami, founder and visible head of the same, whose works can be found on its Itch page. Most of them are available for free (PC) although as always, if you like them I encourage you to leave a donation or at least a positive comment.

Without much more to add in this short presentation, I can only say. Let’s go get those candies!

I’ve seen you, candy girl

Our story begins in a city where magic is common and peace reigns everywhere. In such a setting, people can afford to live a carefree life and enjoy worldly pleasures like candy. Among all the possible candy stores in the city, there is one that stands out, one that sells ordinary candy that has not been made with magic, is Atelier Sweets.

Contrary to what one might think, the candies sold at Atelier Sweets are among the most coveted in the city, as they are made through the effort and research that only an artist can develop. Known as “The Candy Alchemist”Syrup, a proud and stubborn young woman, seeks to demonstrate her theory that science is much better than magic.

Without wanting or imagining it, one morning his laboratory is disturbed by the presence of a strange caramel Golem, a girl who (worth the redundancy) is made of complete caramel and has a powerful magical aura. Who played this cruel joke on you? Is she a spy put on by her greatest enemy? No one knows, but it is thanks to this that the Syrup adventure begins.

Being a visual novel, Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet has a fairly simple gameplay, being able to go back the dialogues that could not be clearly understood or access a history of conversations if necessary. In addition to this, the game has numerous extras that can be unlocked by playing and without having to check out in the eShop. Of course, like any self-respecting visual novel, it has multiple endings.

These endings cover a wide variety of topics and stories, and it’s fun to try options to try to discover each and every one of them. We find from the classic good ending and in canonical theory, to humorous, strange or simply tragic ends. The game is very short and perhaps sins of being extremely simple, but these characteristics make it a more than perfect title to enter the world of visual novels.

Although yes, I recognize that despite its good and entertaining history, perhaps those who are more veterans in the genre are wanting more. Even so, it is more than recommended to give it a try because 5.99 euros That it costs is able to entertain you and tell you a more than interesting story.

Abundant flavor and color

In its visual section Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet presents us with colorful handmade designs. All characters are unique in both personality and aesthetics, and best of all, they are easily recognizable. The game does not require many resources, so it can be enjoyed without problem both in its portable and desktop version, the text is completely readable (thanks) and you can enjoy it in Spanish.

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All this accompanied by a soundtrack that although brief and somewhat scarce, transmits a lot of calm and joy. Regarding its performance, being a simple game, this does not have any problem and except for a problem in which the text was repeated twice, there are no major incidences in everything related to the frame rate or unexpected closings. .

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet – It’s like a candy

My opinion about Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet It is similar to the taste that one can feel when eating a caramel. It is a sweet experience, but one that unfortunately ends much faster than one would like. Maybe it’s for the best, but I can’t help feeling that a little more time in the first ending wouldn’t have gone wrong.

Despite this, I find it an entertaining game that I cannot avoid recommending, since it is simple and it does not take much knowledge about the genre of visual novels to enjoy it. Yes, stories full of multiple twists and a brainy plot are fine, but sometimes an easy-to-digest story is best.

We have analyzed Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet thanks to a digital code provided by Ratalaika Games. Version analyzed: 1.0.0

It’s like candy

Like a candy, Syrup and the ultimate Sweet is a game that is sweet and enjoyable, but unfortunately its life is short and it ends at the best time. Being a friendly and short story game, I consider it as a great visual novel to get started in the genre, but perhaps more experienced players may find it insufficient. Still, he deserves a chance from everyone.


A simple and quite entertaining story

Extra content and many endings available


Some minor problems with texts

Despite having multiple endings, some users may consider that it is too short