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Years after the closing of its trilogy, the saga returns with ‘Matrix 4‘, the original cast led by Keanu reeves Y Lana Wachowski at the address. ‘The Matrix’: Why were the sequels a disaster?

Today’s cinema owes a lot to ‘Matrixof the sisters Lana and Lily Wachowski, and now it seems that they will repeat the play with ‘Matrix 4‘, the fourth installment of the saga that brings together the cast. The original movie starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss it revolutionized the genre of science fiction, action and cinema in general. Released in one of the prime movie years, 1999, its groundbreaking special effects made their mark, as did its spectacular choreographies.

‘The Matrix’ had two sequels that, although they did not have the same critical acclaim, are highly recommended. And a little less than a year ago it was announced that we would have ‘Matrix 4’. The hype is through the roof (and it stops us less). Will they manage to revolutionize cinema again? When Keanu Reeves confirmed that he would return as Neo, he made his reasons clear and breathed hope into fans:

“Lana Wachowski wrote a beautiful script and a wonderful story that suited me. That’s the only reason to do it. Working with her again is just amazing. It has been really special, and I think the story has some significant things to say, and from the ones that we can nourish ourselves “

This is all we know about the movie: its synopsis, its cast, its release date and all its official images. We are constantly updating so you don’t miss anything!

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‘Matrix 4’: Release Date

The new installment of the Matrix, known for now as’ Matrix 4 ‘o’Matrix Resurrections‘, has suffered the same as so many other Hollywood productions: the Covid-19 pandemic caught them in the middle of filming, so they had to suffer delays, adjust to sanitary measures and finish all their spectacular action sequences in the best way . Apparently, the batteries have been put: although at first they aimed prudently towards the spring of 2022, finally The release date will be December 17, 2021. A little Christmas gift!

‘Matrix 4’: Synopsis

At this point in the year, and with the premiere just around the corner, we still do not know the official synopsis, although many are the rumors: since it could all be a prequel, until Morpheus is the bad guy, going through time travel. Lana Wachowski has not wanted to advance anything of the plot, and perhaps it is better, so that we can get to the premiere virgin of spoilers and can surprise us like the first time.

Could it be a revolution? We do not say it but Jessica henwick, who speaking with Comicbook pointed out that this new film “will change the industry again”:

“There are definitely moments on set where Yahya [Abdul-Mateen II] And I look at each other and just disappear Wool [Wachowski] he’s doing really cool stuff on a technical level in the same way that he created a style back then. I think the industry will change again with this movie. There are some camera equipment that I have never seen before that we are using. That’s probably all I can say about it. “


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‘Matrix 4’: Cast

One of the aspects that have most excited fans is the return of much of the main original cast: Keanu Reeves will once again take on the role of Neo, the Chosen One. Carrie-Ann Moss also returns as Trinity, Lambert Wilson as Merovingian and Jada Pinkett-Smith as Niobe.. The one who will not return will be Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith due to a scheduling problem with his play ‘The Visit’. A shame!

Among the newcomers, the names of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (‘Watchmen’), Jonathan Groff (‘Mindhunter’), Priyanka chopra (‘White Tiger’), Ellen hollman Y Neil Patrick Harris (‘How I Met Your Mother’). The rest of the new signings of the film were getting to know each other little by little in the months of filming, and among them are Jessica henwick (‘Iron Fist’) and Christina Ricci (‘The Addams Family’).

Although it is not known which characters they will play, although it is rumored that Abdul-Mateen II will play a young Morpheus, and Ellen Hollman a young Trinity.

matrix 4 neil patrick harris

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‘Matrix 4’: Director

The director of this new installment will once again be Lana Wachowski, but this time without his sister, and with a script by Aleksandar Hemon, David Mitchell, and Lana Wachowski herself.

What is most striking is that Chad stahelski, the creator of ‘John Wick’, also returns in this new installment, to help elaborate choreography of the fight and action scenes.

“They asked David Leitch and I to help with the choreography and the physical training of some of the actors. I have helped in one sequence and David in another. Lana has returned with a lot of love to give in this ‘family reunion’ as well which has been a lot of fun, especially meeting people from the team again. We had just finished a sequence in San Francisco just before the pandemic started. ”

‘Matrix 4’ Poster, trailer and official images

Although there are still no official images of ‘Matrix 4’, we have been able to see different images of the filming.

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