Sylvia Pasquel confronted Luis Miguel for harming her daughter and granddaughter

In addition, Alejandra Guzmán’s sister expressed her opinion on the statements that Diego Boneta gave in which she assured that presenting Michelle like this “was not her decision”, because “it was something told by Luis Miguel”.

“Boneta, as he is a producer, he could have had an opinion about it, I don’t think Boneta likes it, tomorrow that he has children, that his daughter goes out in bed making love with her partner in a series so that she can sell more, so that more is said, because at the end of the day the only thing that generates is this “.

Stephanie Salas, Sylvia Pasquel and Michelle Salas (Instagram / Sylvia Pasquel)

Sylvia Pasquel also spoke out against Luis Miguel’s fans, who on social networks have assured that his family wants to gain fame at the cost of the singer. “It turns out that he is making us known and it turns out that we are hanging on to the whole thing, forgive me my love, I have a 52-year career, I was already a star when I was just being born.”

The actress took the opportunity to express her support for Michelle Salas in case she decides to sue the producers of the series. “Michelle did not give the authorization for them to use her name or her story, much less for them to sexualize her within the series. Whatever she decides, of course I’m going to support her ”, he concluded.

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