Sylvester McCoy explains his problem with modern series

The actor played the character’s seventh incarnation during the 1980s. Photo: BBC | BBC

It is not uncommon for actors related to the past of “Doctor who”Occasionally give their opinions on the most modern versions of the franchise, after all, we are talking about one of the longest-running and most influential science fiction series in the history of British television, with little more than fifty years of characters behind it and mythology.

Sylvester McCoy, hailed for his performance as the seventh Doctor between 1987 and 1989 (in addition to the 1997 film) he claims to be delighted with each new generation that has come to the franchise after his participation, suggesting that after Jodie whittaker, the first woman to take on the character, the series should continue with the first person of color in the role of Doctor.

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Nevertheless, McCoy considers that there is a problem that has become common in the series, which involves the iconic sonic screwdriver, the main tool of the series Doctor on his adventures through time and space. Although he is not opposed to the use of this device, he believes that the series could be confident in solving everything through its « undefined capabilities. »

« They use the sonic screwdriver too much, » he says. McCoy in a chat with RadioTimes. “It’s a bit like a crutch. I never had one. The producer said he shouldn’t have one because he said it was too easy for writers to get the doctor out of trouble.  »

I managed to save the universe every Saturday and without a sonic screwdriver, so I’m a bit cynical. I don’t think they should use it all the time if you can manage without it. Like me and my umbrella.

Sylvester McCoy played The doctor for three seasons, with a fourth on the way before BBC decided to cancel the series. His incarnation has been the focus of countless novels that followed his adventures throughout the 1990s after the series was canceled.

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In 1997 he would return to play the character in a television movie produced by Fox in an attempt to retake the franchise in the U.S. Even though this attempt was a true failure, it is still considered part of canon. It shows his death after an emergency landing of the TARDIS in San Francisco.

Upon exiting, he is shot by gang members, leading to his regeneration as the Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann. Through the series of audios produced by Big Finish, McCoy continues to lend her voice in stories of her incarnation, including her crossover with McGann, Peter davidson (Fifth Doctor) and Colin baker (Sixth Doctor).