Switch is shaping up to succeed on Black Friday in the UK

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Yes, a new generation of PS5 and Xbox has just started its cycle and right now everything revolves around these consoles. However, the reality is that the market at this time, and for 3 years, is dominated by Nintendo Switch, and despite the successful debut of the new systems, it is the console of the Japanese company that is shaping up to succeed again on Black Friday, at least in a market as important as the UK.

According to a report by Nintendo Life, the analysis firm SEMrush is now ready for Black Friday and began to share data that shows the interest of consumers in this year’s edition. In this sense, the results obtained in terms of the word ratio of popular consoles or electronic devices with Black Friday reveal that Nintendo Switch is the most searched product on the Internet by consumers in that market, with 398,010 searches.

This figure allows the Nintendo hybrid console to outperform the PS4, the Xbox One and even several Apple products that are usually among the best sellers during this period of offers. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that although there is interest in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, the fact that they are sold out and that the restocking is shaping up until next year could have influenced the decision of many consumers, who would opt for a Switch for this holiday season.

Recently, NPD Group, the firm in charge of measuring video game and console sales in the United States, confirmed a new month of success for Switch in that market, as the console was the best-selling of October and already has 23 months at the top.

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