Sweet reveals, Juan Gabriel planted Luis Miguel in the New Year

Sweet reveals, Juan Gabriel planted Luis Miguel on New Year's Eve (Instagram)

Sweet reveals, Juan Gabriel planted Luis Miguel on New Year’s Eve | Instagram

Singer Sweet revealed uncovered some of the secrets of the life of Juan Gabriel who he points out had a very strange character, and on one occasion he stood Luis Miguel.

A new controversy surrounds the life of “Sun of Mexico“This after the same singer Dulce uncovered one of the little-known anecdotes about the relationship between Luis Miguel and Juan Gabriel, which would have been affected after the “snub” by “Divo de Juárez.”

The famous singer, Dulce, was a very close friend of the interpreter of “Dear“, from what I knew many details about him and his personality, it was recently that the star of the stages shared what happened between the” Sun “and Juan Gabriel.

It was in a recent interview that the singer of “Your doll” shared the moment and the reason why Juan Gabriel did not attend the appointment he had with the young interpreter of “The unconditional“According to Dulce, this was due to the fact that the native of Paracuaro, Michoacán” was very rare. “

As detailed, both figures agreed to meet in the middle of New Year’s Eve, however, he assures that the artist and composer, Juan Gabriel, would be “lazy” to attend the event, revealed the native of Tamaulipas.

Luis Miguel invited him to spend the end of the year, I was there and he said ‘let’s go’. And I tell him … ‘Oh, of course we’re going’ and then he said ‘oh no, I was lazy, the mere day!’

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Later, Dulce reveals that her great friend, Juan Gabriel, told her “how good they had not attended the event since Luis Miguel only greeted the guests, nor did he have dinner and got up and locked himself in his room and no one else saw him again “. To what she describes, she replied:

I told him ‘oh no, how boring’, and he says ‘oh yes, it’s good that we didn’t go’. But that’s how he did too, that is, not at Christmas, but at any time he would disappear, right? remembered.

It is worth mentioning that both Dulce, Juan Gabriel and Luis Miguel are three outstanding figures in the world of music.

“It was very weird and lonely”

The interpreter of “Let me go back to you”, “Lobo”, “I still love him”, “Wounds”, among many other themes, shared that on one occasion the “Divo de Juárez” left her standing at his house.

According to her account, on one occasion, she went to spend the end of the year with the singer of “Abrazame muy fuerte”, she thought it would be a very good experience, however, the author of more than 1,800 songs, left her alone, ” third day I no longer saw it, “he said

One day he invited me to spend a New Year’s Eve with him in Acapulco and I left for about a week, easy, and when I arrived he told me … ‘Oh friend, this and that’, he took me to my room, very nice all, he had his rooms for his guests. And the first day talk and talk, and suddenly the third day I no longer saw him.

The Mexican star points out that “Juanga”, as he was also known, had his moments when he suddenly wanted to be alone, so she decided to go out with other friends, since he described himself as very sociable so the invitations were not lacking, later, the singer himself told him, “where were you, I was looking for you, and I told him, well, you locked yourself up, I wasn’t going to stay locked up.” He detailed the famous.

Did Juan Gabriel want to take Dulce to live together?

Bertha Elisa Noeggerath Cárdenas, better known as Dulce, points out that she felt a deep appreciation for Juan Gabriel and that there was a very good friendship between them and he even told her to go live with him but never paid attention to her.

He never proposed anything to me, he did want me to go live with him, ‘come live with me, I’ll give you a house’ and those things, but I never listened to him, he said ‘if I’m married and I have a girl , how am I going to go with you ‘, and she said’ it doesn’t matter, let’s go, let your husband visit you ‘, and she said’ no, you’re crazy ‘.

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No, how do you think, I went to live with Juan Gabriel, I liked him very well, but he was very strange, he also had his peculiarities “, revealed Dulce.