Sweet message from Kim Kardashian to her daughter Chicago

Tender message from Kim Kardashian to her daughter Chicago (AFP)

Sweet message from Kim Kardashian to her daughter Chicago | .

The businesswoman Kim kardashian He shared a tender message for his daughter Chicago who just turned three years old, on his official Instagram account he wrote one of the most tender messages he has ever written.

Unfortunately we are still in a pandemic, so close-ups and groupings are not allowed yet, which is why Kim Kardashian just wrote a sweet message on Instagram for her little and adored daughter Chicago who just turned her third year of age, quickly the followers of the businesswoman began to love her in her publication.

Surely and knowing a little about the history of the Kardashian Jenner family, it would have been normal that little Chicago had her birthday celebrated with a big party as they used to do before.

Kim kardashian Like her younger sister Kylie Jenner, she does not measure the money she spends on her children, taking advantage of the fact that she is a millionaire she can afford certain luxuries, with which on many occasions she has left her followers more than surprised.

Throughout 2020 and now part of 2021 we have been living in a pandemic, so it is understandable that the celebrations for your children are limited, in addition to the controversy in which the socialite has been involved in recent weeks.

However and due to the controversies in which they have been involved, the beautiful businesswoman and socialite only wrote a tender message:

My princess Chi Chi today you have three !!! You have the sweetest little voice I could hear all day! You bring so much magic to all of our lives. My heart is so full that you chose me to be your mom. Can’t wait to celebrate you with slime and LOL Dolls today! Happy Birthday Chicago, “Kim wrote.

Chicago West Kardashian is the third daughter of the four children that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have together, however, unlike his still wife, the rapper did not congratulate his little girl on Instagram, perhaps he did it personally.

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During the last weeks the couple has been in strong tension due to rumors that they are in the process of divorce, so far no more recent news has been shared regarding the scandals, the family is usually a bit reserved, something that it is really complicated because they are public figures and the rumors surrounding them immediately start to spread.

Kim kardashian She has four children, two beautiful girls and two handsome boys, being Chicago the smallest of the girls, it could be said that she is the spoiled one, in the publication that the businesswoman shared she showed a bit of the good humor and tenderness of her little daughter, who Apparently she is a little restless but at the same time a fairly calm and social little girl, she is really nice.

Shortly after reaching five million views, Kim Kardashian’s publication became quite popular, especially because of the cute nickname with which she refers to her little Chicago “Chi chi”.

So far is Kim kardashian who has more children than her sisters, it is not known if her sisters have plans to have more family, at least Kendall Jenner said that she has no desire to become a mother, besides that she is still very young, maybe she wants to enjoy a little more of your free time.

So far the matriarch of the Kardashian Jenner family Kris Jenner has a total of 9 grandchildren, most of them are pretty princesses, perhaps within a few years she will become a grandmother that as soon as her daughters know.

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