Swedish epidemiologist charges against the effectiveness of masks

Since the arrival of the pandemic last March, Masks have already become one of our essential accessories in our clothing. One of those if we do not leave the house, even with some spare in our bags. Masks are the essential item to fight against the coronavirus, mandatory in case of leaving home and socializing with non-partners. In these months, much has been said about its high efficacy against the virus, however, the precursor and author of the ‘Swedish model’, has surprised the world by having a totally opposite opinion.

The chief epidemiologist of the Swedish Public Health Agency, Anders Tegnell, indicated in an interview with . that in these months had not observed any studies in favor of the use of masks. “It is fascinating how few studies there are on this. And if you look at countries with strict rules for the use of masks, it’s hard to see that they did well “added the epidemiologist, despite the recommendations of the use of masks from institutions such as the European Center for Disease Control.

Despite having the best European data at the beginning of the pandemic, Sweden is now experiencing a second wave of coronavirus that is hitting the country with great force. In March they chose to follow in the footsteps of the other European countries. No confinement was decreed, nor were schools, bars or restaurants closed, both only a series of recommendations and a few restrictions were given to the population. A totally different strategy from which Tegnell was largely responsible.

Tegnell does not accept his mistake in managing the pandemic

Now, the country’s figures in this second wave in the number of infections and deaths set records never seen in Sweden. In fact, its death rate is ten times that of Norway and five times that of Denmark. For this reason, they have had to prohibit meetings of more than eight people or the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants after 10 pm. However, the epidemiologist does not accept his mistake and accuses other European countries of being “trying to do” things similar to what Sweden did in the first wave of the pandemic. “Hardly anyone is closing schools now, for example,” he adds.

Anders Tegnell also explained months ago that the Swedish country it had reached a very high level of immunity after the first wave of the pandemic and that the impact of a second would be “probably quite low”. A prediction that has failed and is now causing hundreds of deaths in the region.

Opposition to the Swedish strategy

“I was hoping he was right. It would have been great. But it wasn’t ”, Annika Linde, Tegnell’s predecessor, told the Daily Telegraph. “Now we have a high mortality rate and we have not escaped a second wave: immunity can make a little difference perhaps, but not much ”, he indicated, contradicting the epidemiologist. Some statements that join those of Lena Einhorn, a Swedish virologist who told the Financial Times that “So far, Sweden’s strategy has proven to be a dramatic failure.”

“Four days ago we had eight times more cases per capita than Finland and three and a half times more than Norway. SI assumed that they would be worse off than us in the fall because we were going to have immunity “, settled as a great opponent of the Swedish method of the first wave of the pandemic, which has failed during these months.