Suzy Cortez shamelessly, shares a photo where her private parts are seen | Instagram

The model of Brazilian origin Suzy Cortez has once again captivated her followers with tremendous photography where she shows her private parts.

Suzy It is known for being the owner of a figure attractive, exercise a lot so you have a toned body.

It is also Miss Bumbum World 2019, won the contest last year when the headquarters in Mexico was held, hence the majority of its fans are Mexican.

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Currently resides in London But in an interview with him in Mexico, he stated that he would like to live in the country because he really likes Mexicans.

He constantly shares risque content on his official Instagram account, the goal is to invite internauts to join their private page called: Only fans, where for a small monthly amount creditors of exclusive content are made.

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Imagine the photos that you upload to Instagram for sure are not at all similar to the ones you have on your page, because the most likely thing is that censorship does not apply there and you can see everything you imagine when you see « the little tastes » that you upload on your social network.

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« Register my exclusive private platform to have a complete package without censorship », is the description that we constantly see in their publications.

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In his photography he appears with lingerie that seems to be only scars strips and an application in each intimate part, however, these do not fully cover what ends up showing more.

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Despite this, the person in charge of editing your photographs it did so well that it loses its shape a bit, however if you pay attention you will be able to see its private parts.

It seems that in each publication Suzy manages to outdo herself more and more, causing her to be on . of censorship on Instagram.

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