Source: Twittter @SuzyCortez_

The model Suzy Cortez, better known as Miss boom boom, has positioned herself as one of the most followed women on the continent. The Brazilian woman falls in love with her followers whenever possible, however, she revealed that she has also received death threats.

The South American spoke in an interview for the portal ‘Bolavip‘And regretted that he was the victim of bad comments. « They threatened me in the condo where I live. They called my intercom on Tuesday night, I went to the police and I hired security guards« He commented.

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On the other hand, in your official account Twitter He uploaded a video and announced to his followers that he will comment on the entire nightmare he lived through. « I really appreciate the opportunities for me. I will speak in an interview about the harassment of threats that I have suffered in my condo« He explained.

The Brazilian model became famous for being a faithful follower of the Barcelona and of Lionel Messi, in his official accounts he has congratulated the Argentine star for the achievements he has had; likewise, he delights his fans with stunning lingerie photos. During the contingency of coronavirus, the South American auctioned t-shirtse Lionel Messi to raise funds for those most in need.

Remember that she is also a fan of Mexican soccer and her favorite team is Eagles of america, Suzy Cortez She is passionate about exercise and thanks to her hard workouts she has a spectacular body, which she boasts daily. Miss boom boom is a celebrity in Instagram, since in its official profile it has two million followers and so far it has thousand 941 publications.