Suzy Cortez exercises naturally, exposing her breasts | Instagram

Brazilian model and fitness girl Suzy Cortez showed the comfortable way in which she exercise, which his followers took advantage of to delight his pupils in his last Photography On Instagram.

At 30 years of age, it has managed to become one of the most attractive women, sensual and desired both on social networks and anywhere, because it has one of the most fascinating bodies.

This time the model delighted her more than two million followers while doing exercise in a very peculiar way, because he did not use no garment at the top, exposing everything.

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Click here to see the daring photograph of Suzy Cortez.

Register on my exclusive private platform to have a complete uncensored package, « wrote the Rio girl in her post.

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As expected, in this photograph he took the opportunity to promote his incredible website Only fans where he shares uncensored and 100% exclusive content.

The photograph, with just one day of being shared on his official Instagram account, has more than 18 thousand likes from his followers and hundreds of comments where they take advantage to flatter his beautiful anatomy.

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Perfect view « , » Nobody wins you « , » Beautiful « , » My love « , » Beautiful female « , were some of the comments.

He has repeatedly challenged to censorship of the social network by showing more in his photographs, showing that he is not afraid of anything.

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It is worth mentioning that the fame Suzy has earned is thanks to the level-up content, which has positioned her in one of the most wanted and popular on social networks and the internet.

In addition he has achieved win twice the « Miss Bumbum » pageant for having one of the best international rear guards.