Suzuki Jimny 5-door coming in 2022

For just over a year the rumor of a new Suzuki Jimny with a five-door body had been ringing and in March of last year it was finally confirmed officially with a view to starting production in India (from now on the three-door will arrive) at the latest at the beginning of this 2021. However, this was another of the many victims of the pandemic .

But now the Japanese media autoc-one claims that Suzuki officials have confirmed that the five-door Jimny will arrive in 2022. In fact, it was expected to be presented during the Tokyo Motor Show in October, they just weren’t expecting this event to be canceled.

Suzuki Jimny stretches and will have a longer wheelbase

The information from autoc-one also says that the name of this new version will be Suzuki Jimny Long and that it will have a 300mm longer wheelbase than the three-door model. In terms of design, there would be no significant differences except for the fact that it would put aside the grill with the five vertical grooves in favor of one with a single horizontal groove.

There is still no information on what the final weight of the Suzuki Jimny Long would be but there is would be offset with the addition of a turbo and even a light hybridization system. This, of course, would increase its price: there is talk of about 300,000 more yen (about $ 3,000).

An advantage of this would be that it would most likely help you to comply (at least more easily) with European emission standards and therefore you could return to that market. However, it is also expected that when the Suzuki Jimny Long hits the market in 2022 it will do so with the first update half-life that would present some aesthetic changes.

Suzuki Jimny 5 doors, render

Suzuki Jimny 5 doors, render

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