Suspects of diamond theft from Dresden museum arrested in Germany in 2019

Three suspects in the spectacular theft of jewelery and diamonds, including a 49-carat one, in 2019 at a museum in Dresden, eastern Germany, were arrested, the prosecution announced Tuesday.

The three detained persons, of German nationality, are “highly suspected” of having participated in the theft of the Green Vault (Grünes Gewölbe) museum in Dresden, the prosecution and police said.

Raids are being carried out “in about 10 apartments, garages and vehicles” in Berlin, with the aim of recovering the 18 stolen objects, the sources said.

In total 1,638 police officers were mobilized in various operations carried out in various regions of Germany, added the statement from the prosecution and police.

The theft occurred in November 2019, and the thieves had seized a dozen major jewels that included several “hundreds” of diamonds, one of them 49 carats.

The management of the Green Vault had said at the time that they were pieces of “inestimable” historical and cultural value impossible to assess.

Thieves had broken into the museum in this baroque city in eastern Germany at dawn, and within minutes had stolen ornaments made of 18th century precious stones.

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