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The emision of ‘Public mirror’ (Antena 3) of September 16, 2020 has addressed the recommendations provided by the Public Health Agency when it comes to having sex in times of coronavirus according to which it is preferable not to kiss or exchange saliva with people who do not live together, practice the act in open, well-ventilated spaces, showering and washing hands before and after showering, and disinfecting sex toys, among other “key rules.”

If you do not have a stable partner or are looking for one, masturbation, ‘sexting’ – “sharing erotic content through your mobile phone” – and viewing erotic videos are suggested.

After clarifying these points, Susanna griso He was connecting live with the sexologist and psychologist Lorena Berdún to find out her opinion «about virtual sex and the thing that complicates my life the most: giving a few kisses or doing it with a mask«.

«From the point of view of the bond with someone you like, they are very complicated guidelines because, although it is much better to make love in a ventilated place, it is preferable that it be in our homes, since we are not going to go to the parks », Said the guest.

Regarding “the kisses,” while Berdún was doubtful, Griso assured that “Making love without kisses I see it impossible”.

«In the kiss is the information of passion», the collaborator Ángel Antonio Herrera replied then, to which the host added that «we agree … I am not interested in love without a kiss; sex without a kiss no longer interests me.

Once the intervention of the expert in the field had finished, the talk shows came to the conclusion that “eroticism and joy are the same thing” and “we are losing it with the pandemic: we cannot touch and we cannot kiss.”

Author Carla calvo

Journalist and Audiovisual Communicator from the URJC. Editor of lifestyle, heart and events at Periodista Digital.