Susanna Fogel writing and directing for Sony’s ‘The Mentor’

Thanks to Deadline we have learned that the co-writer of the acclaimed ‘Super nerds’ and director of ‘El espa que me planted’, Susanna Fogel, will have a new project as director entitled ‘The Mentor’. Based on an original script and story by Fogel and his longtime collaborator David Iserson, they will both produce the film for Sony Pictures.

It is a film described as a character-driven action story with two women of different generations navigating their strained relationship in the workplace. The job in question? Nothing less than the pursuit of a fugitive international arms dealer.

Fogel recently directed the first two episodes of the hit HBO series “The Flight Attendant,” for which she is currently nominated for a Directors Guild Award. Her screenwriting and directorial debut was marked by the 2014 film ‘Life Partners’, with Amazon’s ‘Utopa’ and Apple’s ‘Amazing Stories’ being her latest projects.