Susana Zabaleta asks respect for the LGBT + community – El Sol de México

The images of the video that is launched along with its new theme, are forceful: they illustrate the gender violence that Susana Zabaleta rejects, as well as the commerce and slavery of adolescents, and the violence towards trans people. This Friday Temes premieres, with which the LGBT + pride month commemoration is added.

“Every day 12 women lose their lives and how many girls and adolescents are kidnapped. Someone has to do the dirty work, music and art are not only to feel beautiful things, but a common thread towards things that cannot be said in words, “said the singer at a press conference.

“The video and the song speak about what happens to women and the LGTB + community every day. And if it happens every day why not see it like that, with that terror and indignation. I present my complaint because before the pandemic we were doing well, we women had made a Purple Movement worldwide that spoke of the fury we have for so many years of discrimination, humiliation and submission ”.

But, he affirms, society is in decline and the panorama does not seem to change even though there are movements in popularly elected positions. “It is not such a simple thing, it has nothing to do with political parties. It has a lot to do with education, which is not given to you by the political party, but quite the opposite, at this moment we are completely divided and we do not want tolerance, what we want is respect, I do not ask for tolerance because it is a horrendous word, you have to ask for respect for people who think differently, respect for women, respect for your mother. What does it matter to me that now there are more women in the governorships, if they are in front of the men saying ‘yes sir’, and with downcast eyes ”.

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Inequality, he insists, comes from within the family, as has been uncovered in the pandemic and it is at home where changes in education must be made; “The man himself is used to sending from father to daughter, from husband to wife, from children to mothers, because it is an ancestral custom in Mexican families. In the confinement, one would think that they realized that we are necessary, but no, there were many women beaten. The man was not used to being locked up ”.

He assures that he does his bit with the teachings given to his son Matías Gruener; “Every time he has a girlfriend I ask him to protect her, because when love ends after two wonderful years, the time comes to damage her, so I ask that each of his girlfriends respect and protect them, because I like my gender I admire him a lot and have always honored him ”.

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