Susana Zabaleta and the last hug with Manzanero

The hug that Susana Zabaleta received from Armando Manzanero at the end of 2020 was the most special that the singer remembers, because it was the last one she received from the Yucatecan composer.

“We had not seen each other for a long time because he already lived in Merida and came to Mexico very little. And we agreed that we were going to work together, so we did a photoshoot in the kitchen. And then came that goodbye hug, when he turned around and said, « I’m already very tired, Susana, is there something else missing? » I said no and we said goodbye. That farewell was very strong. It was the hug, « recalls the singer.

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Susana Zabaleta worked with the Yucatecan singer-songwriter on the albums Amarrados and De la A a la Z. They made concert tours in which they toured the Mexican Republic.

“We traveled through this country, we discovered its kitchens, its drinks, its landscapes, its roads. The teacher had already gone through them, but he did it again with me. And he did me the favor of telling me where the best tacos were eaten, the best shrimp, where the best atole was … there were so many things that it was very cool. It got me hooked, ”she recalls nostalgically.

Zabaleta had a tour pending with the singer who died on December 28, at the age of 85. “Also a lot of hugs, kisses, meals and farts; We were left with a lot of things pending, ”he says.

But Susana Zabaleta is left with the anecdotes and the learning that “her teacher”, as she calls him, left her over the years: “He left me many hugs in all senses, especially friendship. I think the teacher and I were very good friends ”.

Armando Manzanero participated in El otro libro de los abrazos, where, like other celebrities and friends of the singer, they told Susana Zabaleta what it means to extend your arms and shelter the other with human warmth.

The other book of hugs is the first book that Susana Zabaleta publishes as a writer. A material that is divided into two parts, « two books that embrace each other », says its author.

“On the one hand, I tell the story of my life and why the hugs. And on the other side is the story of my friends, how they hug, what they feel. People like Juan Villoro, Armando Manzanero, Regina Orozco, Luz María Zetina, Rubén Albarrán, Javier Solórzano, all of them gave me their hugs to tell the world what it was that they felt when they hugged ”.

Making this book comes from an absence of hugs that Susana Zabaleta had in her life. Due to the prejudice of thinking that a hug is only related to something sexual.

« He always said ‘how horrible they are hugging in public’, very provincial me. But that was transformed over time and the need to be close to the human being, to understand that the roll is not like that. A hug is giving yourself to another, without any different thought other than being able to give yourself. And the truth is a very beautiful act because it needs you as a person and the other who opens his arms and tells you that he is here ”.

The book is the first project that Susana Zabaleta carries out in 2021, a year in which the singer and actress will return to television through digital platforms to carry out a program on Mexican politics with Regina Orozco, with whom she will also share a show streaming on March 6 via Eticket Live.