Susana Díaz defends an undirected PSOE-A from Madrid and Espadas asks for a united party

Susana Díaz (i), Juan Espadas (c) and Luis Ángel Hierro (d) pose before the debate between the three candidates of the PSOE-A primaries (Photo: Europa Press)

The candidate for the PSOE-A primaries for the Presidency of the Board, Susana Díaz, claimed this Tuesday, during her debate, within the framework of the campaign, with the other two candidates, Juan Espadas and Luis Ángel Hierro, a PSOE -A not directed from Madrid, but from this community, and that is autonomous in decision-making, while Espadas has defended a united party, that puts aside the “confrontation” and that is capable of guiding “strategies and policies of the ”federal PSOE.

Susana Díaz, Juan Espadas and Luis Ángel Hierro have participated, starting at 8:00 p.m. this Tuesday, at the party’s regional headquarters, on Calle San Vicente in Seville, in a three-party debate, the only one contemplated for now during the information campaign launched during this process, which has its voting day on Sunday, June 13.

From her first turn to speak, Díaz has expressed that she wants a PSOE-A that is not directed from Madrid, but from Andalusia, because we Andalusians have earned our own voice, and “with enthusiasm, courage and energy we want to govern again In Andalucia”.

In his opinion, it is very important that Andalusian socialists reaffirm the defense of autonomy and self-government and decide here the path, present and future that we want to travel. He has said that the five presidents of the Socialist Junta were architects of the transformation of this land and of having put the interests of Andalusia ahead of those of the party and an inalienable principle is that “we want to be masters of the present and future and we do not want a party that is directed from outside, but from here, by the free men that make up the PSOE of Andalusia ”.

The voice of the militancy asks us for an autonomous party that makes its own decisions and is not directed from Madrid Susana Díaz

After alluding to the …

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