Susana Alexander will offer plays online

Laughing, the actress Susana alexander claimed to be the sovereign of this new way of watch theater from home. In interview for M2, said that for her it has not been difficult to engage in staging in a virtual way, since in addition to being your source of work, have fun and learn from the new technological era.

Will present the work The two merry consuegras, next to Silvia Kater. It is a fun story in which they meet to resolve some family conflicts, and between drinks, they end up telling the story of their lives, their loves and heartbreaks in a very comical way.

“They are simply two women telling stories; in fact, we only made a skeleton, there is no script, everything is improvisation. We got together like five times to decide the line of the workWe are carrying everything else, which becomes free, fresh and spontaneous! ”she exclaimed excitedly.

Now or never

“This 2021 will be my year of‘ streaming ’, I already have everything planned with performances from now until November, so I ask you to bear with me; I am happy to work this way because suddenly one morning I woke up as I did in 1974, when I decided to be my own producer, director and protagonist; I have to have the reins of the horse in my hands ”.

The actress assured that if she waits to see who calls her, she will starve along with her 20 dogs: “It would be irresponsible on my part, so this is a great opportunity to do it and for everyone to see the shows that I’ve done; each one has a purpose, it will always be something nice and beautiful to share, especially for the heart ”.

In addition to The two merry consuegras, prepare a special function of I’m here my love, which will premiere on February 14, whose main theme is love and fulfillment, but also talks about loneliness, deceptions, misunderstandings and stories of life itself, with compilations by Latin American poets such as Pablo Neruda, Jaime, Sabines, Rosario Castellanos, Idea Vilariño and Rubén Bonifáz, among others.

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