‘Survivors’ starts today and half of the famous will be in danger

The most beachy reality of Telecinco, Survivors, starts this Thursday with an important novelty in its mechanics: the spectators will decide before the opening gala who are full-fledged contestants and they do the traditional helicopter jump and who goes to the so-called “Stranded Ship”, where they must fight to enter the contest.

The spectators They have been voting on the web for days of the chain and this Thursday we will know which eight contestants are the most loved and which ones will play it.

They have submitted to this trial Antonio Canales, Sylvia Pantoja, Alexia Rivas, Olga Moreno, Carlos Alba, Marta López, Lara Sajen, Tom Brusse, Melyssa Pinto, Lola, from The Island of Temptations, Omar Sánchez, Valeria Marini, Agustín Bravo, Alejandro Albalá, Palito Dominguín and Gianmarco Onestini.

The edition repeats presenters, with Jorge Javier Vázquez on the set, Lara Álvarez in Honduras and Carlos Sobera and Jordi González at the gala on Tuesdays and the Sunday debates.

This time, the Spanish edition coincides in the Cayos Cochinos –the archipelago where it is recorded – with the Italian edition, so we could see new locations to solve the possible crossovers of the two contests.